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Notification of Acceptance

Accepted Papers

The notification of acceptance has been issued for the following papers:

Paper IDPaper Title
6Remote Controlled Landmine Detection and Surveillance Robot for Environmental and Human Safety
10Analyzing OneNote Malware through Static and Dynamic Analysis: Detection and Mitigation Measures
11A novel framework for data leak prevention through semantic analysis
15A Comparative Analysis of Popular Software Effort Estimation Techniques
23A Deep Neural Framework to Estimate Spectral Phase and Magnitude In Application to Single-Channel Speech Enhancement
29Trajectory Planning and Control of Serially Linked Robotic Arm for Fruit Picking using Reinforcement Learning
50Design & Fabrication of Low Cost, Time Saving, Automatic Dishwasher with Water Preservation Feature
55Intelligent Internet of Things Attack Detection: Novel Approaches and Technologies
74Deadline-sensitive and Function Placement in Multi Tier Serverless Platform
80An Efficient Autonomous Maze Solving Robot based on Microcontroller by Avoiding Obstacles Using a Decision-Making Algorithm
81An Automated Hybrid Glaucoma Detection Framework through Retinal Images
82Melanoma Classification Through Deep Learning Using Dermoscopic Images
83Industrial Anomaly Detection Using Vision Based Cross Transformer
84Computer-Aided System for Pneumothorax Detection through Chest X-ray Images using Convolutional Neural Network
89Design and Implementation of Static VAR Compensator Prototype
95Poker Face Defense: Countering Passive Circuit Fingerprinting Adversaries in Tor Hidden Services
108Uncovering Patterns in Plastic Pollution Using Predictive Analysis
109SDN-Enabled Context-Aware IoT Framework for Energy and Resource Management in Smart Buildings
125Discovering Genetic Subtype of Glioblastoma from MRI Scans using Sparse Autoencoders
126Genetic Algorithm-Based Feature Selection for Accurate Breast Cancer Classification
127Stock Price Forecasting using Hidden Markov Models
130A Review of Algorithms's Complexities on Different Valued Sorted and Unsorted Data
131Studying the effects of feature selection approaches on machine learning techniques for Mushroom classification problem
132Investigating novel machine learning based intrusion detection models for NSL-KDD data sets
133Performance comparison of genetic algorithms with traditional search techniques on the N-Queen Problem
139Advanced Control Strategies for Optimal Integration of Grid-Tied PV Systems in Active Distribution Networks
140Prediction of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Using Genetic Algorithm-driven Feature Selection
143Blockchain-based Health Insurance Model Using IPFS: A Solution for Improved Optimization, Trustability, and User Control
147A Comparitive Study of the Accuracy and Efficiency of Wideband Delphi and Planning Poker Software Effort Estimation Techniques
151Virtual Reality Based Interior Designing Using Amazon Web Services
153Exploring The Potential of HMMs in Linguistics for Part of Speech (POS) Tagging
154Optimizing Airline Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Graph-Based Techniques
165Smartphone-Based AI Detection of Ocular Diseases
169Graphite-on-Paper Based Capacitive Touch Arrays for Wireless Mouse Cursor Control Pad
177Natural Language Processing for Diagnosis and Risk Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease
178Human robot Interaction – Object Detection and Distance Measurement Using Kinect V2
182Detecting Cyberbullying using Machine Learning Approaches
187Internet of Things and Machine Learning–based Diabetes Management System
191Low-cost Highly Sensitive Interdigitated Capacitive Humidity Sensor for Breathing Applications
193Enhancing Food Security: A Blockchain-Enabled Traceability Framework to Mitigate Stockpiling of Food Commodities
195Transforming Blood Donation Processes with Blockchain and IoT Integration: A augmented Approach to Secure and Efficient Healthcare Practices
199Test Rig for the Fault Diagnosis of 3-Phase Small-Scale Induction Motor
211A Novel Approach for Building Domain-Specific Chatbots by Exploring Sentence Transformers-based Encoding _
214Machine Learning based Gender Prediction by Exploring Diverse Audio Features
215A Secured Blockchain Framework for Healthcare Data Management System
216Smart Cities: A Novel Framework for Energy Production and Harvesting using Renewable Energy

Accepted Posters

The notification of acceptance has been issued for the following posters:

Poster IDPoster Title
17Blockchain and AI for Agriculture Risk Management
31Data Provenance in Blockchain: A Systematic Literature Review
32Lung Disease Classification Using Deep Learning Models
33Predictive Crop Recommendation for Enhanced Yield in Smart Agriculture
34Psychiatric Disorder Classification through EEG Signals using Deep Learning Models
35Multiple object detection and recognition using YOLO in a cluttered scene
38Flood Monitoring using Semantic Segmentation
40Comparison of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Clinical Text Classification
41Stress Recognition/Detection for Improving Behavior Using Image Processing