Minutes of Meeting

Criterion for the assignment of marks

The marks are assigned as per the following criteria in Easy chair. The marks start with:

  • Strong Reject (-3) minimum to Strong Accept (+3) as maximum.
  • Strong Accept (+3): Content, presentation and writing meet professional norms; improvements may be advisable but acceptable as is.
  • Accept (+2): Content has merit, but accuracy, clarity, completeness, and/or writing should and could be improved in time.
  • Weak Accept (+1): The content is legitimate but the format and structure may need minor revision¬†
  • Borderline Paper (0): Not as badly flawed; major effort necessary to make acceptable but content well-covered in the literature already.
  • Weak Reject (-1): Paper is a borderline paper that can at best be considered reinforcement of body of knowledge, Results are present but weakly formulated. Presentation and English can be improved significantly.
  • Reject (-2): Basic flaws in content or presentation, or very poorly written.
  • Strong Reject (-3): Paper does not contribute to Body of Knowledge at all. Results are not present or weakly formulated. Presentation and English is not up to mark.